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Do you want to play bass in a band but struggle finding the right lessons to get started?  

My name is Simon and I love to play and teach bass guitar! I’ve been a professional bassist and educator for over 25 years.

          I can help you: 

Practically learn the bass guitar and songs so you can start having fun straight away

Simplify music theory so you can confidently play songs and let your hands do the work

Accelerate your learning so you can achieve the results you want to see

Bass Guitar Courses Overview 

Here's how you can learn Bass Guitar with Simon 

Bass Guitar Songs For Beginners

You will learn the techniques needed to get you playing simple songs that build your knowledge of the bass  and develop your repertoire. 

If you want to learn bass as a second instrument you will learn about different styles and techniques so you can jam with your friends in a band.

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Bass Guitar Songs For Beginners

Bass lines and Songs

You will learn how to play bass lines for styles such as Blues, Rock, Funk and Soul and start to write your own bass lines that make an impact with your bands’ songs. 

If bass line theory sounds daunting, each lesson will give you practical exercises to get you and your hands learning and having fun! 

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How to write a bass line
How To Improvise on bass

Would you like to break out of the same old patterns when jamming ideas on your bass?

 In this course you will learn the relationship between bass lines and chords so you can improvise your own variations of a given bass line or riff.

For the advanced players you will learn the essential skills such as transcribing and singing what you play so you can tackle a bass solo. 

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improvise on bass guitar

Bass Player To Backing Vocalist

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing backing vocals in your band but you don’t feel confident enough to do so?

In this course you will learn the key coordination skills to tackle conflicting rhythms so you can confidently sing a simple melody whilst holding down the groove on bass. 

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sing and play bass

Why Learn With Simon?

Originally from Australia I now live in Hassfurt, Germany with my wife and 3 boys. For over 25 years I have played bass with artists from all over the world. I have played 90's Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and R&B, winning an Indy Music Awards for Best Soul/Jazz with Vimala (UK).

I now want to share my knowledge with you so you can enjoy the benefits of playing bass guitar and the joy it brings! 

What past students have to say about working with Simon and his courses.

The coordination exercises and techniques to understand the mind-body connection while performing were all useful tools I will definitely use from now on.

Nichole - Singer Songwriter 

Sing and play Group Course

Simon introduced me to countless new genres, was inspiring and supportive. He’s one of the best in the business and I can now call him my colleague’

Diego Rodrigeuz

Pro Bassist with Nik Kershaw and Josh Groban

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