Are You Ready To Live Your Dream Of Singing in Public? 

Finally have the confidence and tools to sing in front of family and friends at the next special occasion!  

Are you looking for singing lessons in Lower Franconia or Hassfurt area?

My name is Simon and I love to Sing, play and teach music! I’ve been a professional musician and educator for over 25 years and I am passionate about helping you sing the songs you love in a way that suits your voice.

          I can help you: 

Unlock your natural singing voice so you can trust yourself every time you sing 

Develop your technique so you have the tools to sing the songs you want to sing

Overcome performance anxieties so you can capture and wow your audience 

You're a Rock Star!

Tension is a tone killer and comes from thoughts such as ‘‘what if people don’t like my voice?’  You will learn confidence building exercises to help you relax and get in the flow of being the singer you want to be! 

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Vocal Technique & Tools

Relaxed and ready to rock? Now we can focus on how to support your voice through professional exercises such as breathing and tone development to unlock your natural authentic voice. You’ll be able to effortlessly sing those pro notes and wow your audience! 

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vocal technique lessons
Singing and playing

Do you dream of being able to sing and play your instrument like your heroes do?

Once we have worked on getting you comfortable singing, we will work on bringing your voice and instrument together so they feel completely natural to you. 

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how to sing and play guitar at the same time

The Power of Music Theory

I know, music theory sounds boring but it does play a big role in developing as a singer and musician.

Don’t worry, we won’t get too geeky but you will be able to find the best key for your voice and know what rhythms to play when singing and playing your instrument. 

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Why Learn With Simon?

Originally from Australia I now live in Hassfurt, Germany with my wife and 3 boys. After many years as a professional bass player, I decided a few years ago to become a lead singer.

From many hours in the practice room and taking lessons with top vocal coaches in London, Berlin and LA, I am now happy and able to sing solo gigs or with my own band. Now I want to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you become the singer and musician you want to be! 

What past students have to say about working with Simon and his courses.

The coordination exercises and techniques to understand the mind-body connection while performing were all useful tools I will definitely use from now on.

Nichole - Singer Songwriter 

Sing and play Group Course

I loved the course!! The feedback was super helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Thanks again for the fun, engaging and informative course

Johnathan - Singer Songwriter

Sing and play Group Course

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